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Advanced Femdom Training


In this article I'll be exploring the more advanced concepts of Femdom slave training. This must be done after the slave has already mastered the first 5 steps of Femdom and accepted them. If you haven't already read the Pillars of Femdom article first. But lets recap quickly. The pillars of Femdom are enforced chastity, regular strapon fuckings, cuckoldry and public service. Once the slave has accepted the fact that he is in chastity and can not do anything about it, that if he wants to cum he must be a good slut to you and get fucked liked a common whore, that you openly sleep with other m… Read more

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A Visit To The Doctor

TabooAnalGay Male

I took a couple of pain killers and sat there in a rather embarrassing situation naked with a pack of frozen peas in my lap and as I removed them to take a look my poor penis had shrivelled and was starting to discolour, I was at a loss as to what to do and then I thought that with Rachel being a trained personal trainer I figured that maybe she could at the very least offer some advice. I sent her a text and within minutes she was at the patio door standing there with her jaw dropped trying hard not to laugh but then seeing the distress I was in her face changed to one of concern. “My god Fr… Read more

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How it started with Mum's dirty knickers


As I was stretched out on the sofa when I heard the front door open, and then Mum's familiar voice, "Hello Darling I'm home, how was your day?" I turned towards her. "Hi Mum. It was fine thanks." She came up to me and gave me a big hug and a motherly kiss on the lips, Mum was what most people would call pretty. She wasn't stunning and she rarely turned heads, but she had an almost c***d-like face, which had its own attractions. She kept her dark brown hair fairly long. She had a good shape, curvy and with an adequate 38D bust. She was 31 years of age. Mum was not hung up over things like… Read more

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Crossdressers On Third Base 2

First TimeFetish

I was quite shocked with myself after mine and Tims extremely hot escalation the other night. (I had to finish up early due to becoming extremely horny remembering that tale. - Author) Let me finish the story. I sat up between Tims legs and released the grip of my lips. Just enough to let some of his cum gloss them. Tim watched my face closely as i sat there wondering what to do next. I'd already swallowed a portion, I'm sure. Tim giggled a bit at my facial expressions which made me grin and start to laugh. "How'd I do? That was sooo hot!" "That? That was fucking amazing I've never had a wank… Read more

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Anal Loving Neighbor

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Anal Loving Neighbor Londebaaz Chohan “Oh, thank you Loretta”. Patrick smiled and introduced himself. They were the new neighbors and Loretta had thought to be the first to welcome him in the neighborhood. As she rang the bell and waited, the door was opened by an older man with salt and pepper hair and deep penetrating green eyes. He reached out to take her small extended hand, saying, “Oh, thank you Loretta, the young lady, I am Patrick”, as he gestured her to come in. With their hands touching, Loretta felt a bolt go through her body and wetness dampened the crotch of her pantie… Read more

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Road Trip Adventure

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Katie and I had both recently turned twenty-seven years old and had been married for about three years. We met after college and somehow just knew we were right for each other. We'd been working hard trying to establish a foothold in our separate careers, and finally an opportunity arose for us to take a few days together away from our jobs. It was early summer and the bright warmth of the sun and clear blue sky helped us make up our minds. We had an urge to head out on the open road to see some new scenery. But where? We were living in northern Washington State at the time and had headed o… Read more

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You caress your pussy at the mountain lake!


Relax and lean back with pleasure. Maybe you will watch a heated video of me beforehand ;-) Make yourself comfortable and cozy and take plenty of time to read. I wish you a lot of joy with it. You caress your wonderful pussy close to a beautiful mountain lake! The clouds moved like sheep in the sky. You were on your way. To the small crystal clear mountain lake not far from the mountain hut. Up here at over 1500 meters you rarely met hikers and you enjoy this wonderful warm day. The sun shines wonderfully between the fleecy clouds through, so that light and shadows switch a… Read more

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You Ask, I Tell

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Forward Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was a policy instituted by President Clinton in 1993. While intended as a mechanism for LGBT servicemembers to serve in the Armed Forces, it created an environment of fear, blackmail, and intimidation. Over 17,000 servicemembers would be discharged from the military under this policy before its eventual repeal in 2011. Life under this policy impacted the day-to-day lives of LGBT servicemembers. How exactly did gay and lesbian servicemembers live under this policy? Where would they go on their free time? How would they meet one another? How was the sex? All these… Read more

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Sexy Beth


"Where?" Beth asked, holding her cell phone tightly against one ear and pressing her other ear closed with her fingers to block ambient noise. The man on the other end of the conversation was trying to give her directions. "Turn left onto Lowman Road off Roy Road. Go down about a quarter mile and there is a dirt road on the right. It kinda looks like a driveway." He repeated. "Am I going to be able to get in there in my Charger?" Beth asked. "Yeah, just take it easy where there is a little hill in the road. I don't think it will sc****." The man tried to reassure Beth. "Ok. See you in abou… Read more

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Needy Step-Sister

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Simone was woken in the early hours by a fleeting kiss which dropped like a butterfly on her bare shoulder but before she had reached full consciousness her bedroom door closed softly behind the perpetrator. The only clue left behind was an elusive trace of aftershave which she knew so well. She stretched out sinuously and sighed deeply with pleasure. It could only have been Jake. Her brother was home. He had been due at around midnight and she had been anticipating his return for weeks, looking forward to seeing him so much that it hurt. But he had been late arriving and in the end she had… Read more

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Bride discovers a secret family tradition

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"God isn't she beautiful?" Ellen Bradshaw asked her husband as her soon to be daughter-in-law walked down the aisle with her proud papa. Ellen and Jim really didn't know Sherri that well because her son had met her on the west coast while away at school. "Quite," Jim grinned. He gave private kudos to his son Mark because Sherri was as cute as a button. Her petite body was nicely proportioned and her blue eyes and smile could melt any man's heart. As she walked by he glanced at her nice little round ass and nice tanned bare back. The wedding ceremony was fairly quick so it was only an hour la… Read more

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Nude Fams

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My family has always been close with each other. Not sexual, but we are almost always be nude around the house. My parents brought us up to be comfortable with being naked and to accept the human body. We are not nudists and we have never been public with our nudity. It's purely private and we have never told anyone and we plan on keeping it that way. My moms name is Jean. She loves to be nude around the house and is comfortable showing off her amazing body to her family. She has a magnificent frame. She was very athletic in high school and college and she normal goes on runs around the neigh… Read more

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New Neighbors, perfect neighbor hood when the wive

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The gated community I lived in only had thirteen homes and there was only one way in and one way out. You literally had to drive the cul-de-sac in order to turn around unless you pulled into someone's yard. Everyone in the quaint neighborhood was either married or divorced. I made sure I interacted with my neighbors every chance I got so that we all would look out for each other. And boy, there were a couple of hot married forty and fifty-something year-old men to look at. Needless to say there was always something going on during the weekend and lots of eye candy to check out. One day I dow… Read more

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Episode 157: Diary of a Slave for Miss Leah

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Monday 2nd December 2019 (pre-covid) 6AM A text message arrives from Miss Leah: ‘Keep your phone on all the time - I don't care what time it is where you are - you are mine 24/7. When I say that pathetic boypussy needs a fatter plug - you show me straight away - even at 03:00’. ‘Yes Mistress’, replies Sarina, inflating the butt plug again. 'Now how are those tits developing - you should be a decent B cup by now consuming all that oestrogen and using the breast pumps every day'. Sarina pulled down the top of his horrible nylon girly nightdress to show Miss Leah his delicate pink buds… Read more

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The Tom Tom Club Chapter 1


Ketsana pulled up to the curb one house before her cousin's, wanting the surprise to be perfect. Despite the cool May morning, her spirit burned as hot as the sultry heat she had just left in Thailand. For the past six months she had lived in a glamorized tent in a rural mountain region, with weekend jaunts to Bangkok her only reprieve. Now back in the States, her sacrifice was over, an entire month of paid leave, a fat bonus check for a job well done, and here at last approaching a home she'd never seen in person. On the eve of her journey, Ket had the pleasure of being maid of honor at her… Read more

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Me and my oldest teen son's first encounter.


Me and my oldest teen son's first encounter. Part One. As promised this is my first attempt at writing. This story series is all about my taboo experiences. This first part is about my morning first-ever time sucking and later fucking with my virile hot randy Eighteen-year-old son. On my profile page, I created a post explaining the background. For those that have not read that I have included a shorter version of it here so new readers who have not read my first post on my profile will fully understand this story. I was Thirty-Five at the start - and divorced, my husband had cheated on… Read more

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Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure Letter

First TimeHardcore

Introduction: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, also known as Fanny Hill is a novel by John Cleland. Written in 1749, it is considered the first erotic novel, and has became a byword for the battle of censorship of erotica. Fanny's story, as she falls into prostitution and then rises to respectability, takes the form of a confession that is coloured by copious and explicit physiological details of her carnal adventures. During my visit to London for studies where we had an Old Ancestral Home, I stumbled on a family treasure. Apart from other things I also found a hump of books, dairies a… Read more

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My Lovely Virgin Venus Lucy Pt. 04

VoyeurFirst Time

Ms. Jane said "Aamir! You were always nice, well-mannered, unlike most of the brash or loud boys of your age I knew. I have been obsessed with you, specifically with your body and cock... I could barely keep my eyes off your bulging crotch ever since I met you for the first time in your house. Christ, You were always there before me but...! I, in turn, had tried to keep my gaze off her lushly rounded figure; but she knew that I could see through her disguise - and that I always liked what I saw! Even with her long blonde hairs that touched her round bottoms, and her skirts and top that she wo… Read more

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A High-school Trip Abroad - Part 3

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THE BOYS LEARNED A LOT, ESPECIALLY ABOUT EACH OTHER. Edward woke up early. The third day of the Westeadt Town Forest Academy's culture trip abroad promised to be one Eddy would actually like. He had been to the Netherlands quite a few times. To visit his Dutch ant, uncle, and their 3 adult sons. Edward had already been to the museum they would be going to again today. Although the first 2 days had been eye-openers as well. Actually, they had been ass-openers, so to say. Eddy started to enjoy getting butt-fucked by his… Read more

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Daddy Daughter Roleplay


(Roleplay partners 30+ please :P) My name is Steph. I just turned 19, back from my first year of college. I joined a sorority when I was out there and my sisters taught me so much more about how to dress than I ever paid attention to. What clothes definitely not to wear, what to wear when I need a good grade on an exam, what to wear when I want to get into the bar without being ID'd. Lots of very useful life lessons. I used to always wear really loose fitting clothing. Not that I don't have anything to show off. I'm 5'7 with long slender legs, a cute round butt, 34c sized breasts, and a real… Read more

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